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Stress - a piece of luggage that should not be left unatended. Danish paper: "Stress - en pakke under opsyn"

Stress can be compared to a package that has a sender and receiver. Two occupational psychologists have developed a form that makes it easier to unpack.
(P. Goetz & C. V. Brauer, 2010. Psykolognyt 13, 16-20),  ..see the danish paper here

Empathic and respectful communication. Danish paper: "Empatisk og respektfuld kommunikation"

On pedagogical work with adults with autism and mental retardation - and on cross-pressure.
(Boesen, M. & Goetz, P., 2009. Rapport over gruppeinterviews med det udførende personale),  .. see the danish report here.

Freedom, Power and Consultants. Danish paper: "Frihed, magt og konsulenter"

Hunting the invisible consultant power
(Goetz, P., 2009. Social Kritik, 118, 91-96.)

It isn't obligatory. Danish paper: "Det er frivilligt"

If the psychiatric patients were to decide for themselves the content of the psychology teaching, what then would it be about?
Goetz. P., 2009. Psykolognyt , 1, 3-7),  .. see the danish paper here

The postal drivers' working environment. Danish paper: "Postchaufførernes arbejdsmiljø"

Education plan, teaching material and report - The Transport Training Board of Denmark.
(Lektionsplan - Psykisk arbejdsmiljø, P. Goetz (2002), pp. 79-103/125),  .. See more here
And watch the associated film:

Are you driving - or driven to exhaustion? Danish film: "Kører det for dig eller kører det med dig?"

Training film on the working environment of postal drivers

Psychology teaching for patients in district psychiatric day hospital intending to facilitate psychotherapeutic processes. Danish paper: "Psykologi­undervisning til patienter i distrikts­psykiatrisk daghospital med henblik på facilitering af psykoterapeutiske processer"

Lessons learned on how open psychology teaching for patients can facilitate psychotherapeutic processes in district psychiatry.
(Goetz, P., 1992.Nordisk Psykologi, 2, 152-157), .. se the danish paper here

Losing a child. Danish paper: "At miste et barn"

On how hospitals can support in the event of infant death.
(Goetz, P., 1991, Tidsskrift for Sygeplejersker, 8, 8-35).

User information in district psychiatry. Danish paper: "Brugeroplysning i distrikts­psykiatri"

Interdisciplinary description of experiences with open user information groups.
(K. Lindegaard, P. Goetz og M. Kastrup, 1990. Tidsskrift for Sygeplejersker, 47, 22-30).
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